5 Ways To Improve Your Blog


17 Nov 5 Ways To Improve Your Blog

When you’re looking for content online, you’re bound to stumble across a blog – from a stay-at-home dad giving parenting tips, to a business showing off its products and services. Some use it to convey thoughts via the web and others have developed them into an income generating facility. However, there is an art to getting your voice heard, try out our five handy tips!


  1. Make your mark

First impressions count and you need a refined design that reflects your expertise and appeals to your target audience. Have a look online and you’ll find layouts you can download and, with a little design magic, make your own. If you’re not the techy type, your graphic designer can help turn your vision into reality. Presentation makes such a difference – so avoid comic sans and anything that sparkles!

  1. Tell them who you are

If you’re found by chance, as many bloggers are, this is when it’s important to tell your visitor all about you, your interests and what you do. Better to provide more information than less, so be confident and prove your expertise.

  1. Regular updates, please!

Don’t leave the blog alone for more than a week – your followers will want to hear your news and nothing looks worse than an unloved blog. Include links to other blogs, as it helps drive traffic, and gives the reader an insight into your recommendations. Give people the ability to share your information – make sure you add social share buttons.

  1. Is the content good?

A second pair of eyes is a really good idea. An individual’s self-policed blog posts often lack the quality that is achieved after some constructive criticism. It’s important to get the message across succinctly and engagingly – so make sure it’s right and ask for help and support. It’s especially important if revenue streams are key.

  1. Writer’s block

Run away for a while, is our advice, and take your mind off it. Words need to flow and sometimes they just don’t, so it’s best to distract yourself and return to the task refreshed. Trust me, your work will be better for it.


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